Count Downton 5*


Second attempt (first looked drugged out on Cortisone! – Ack!) I never did catch her name while watching: Martha Levinson (Shirley Maclaine), the mother of Lady Grantham.

*Wishing everyone a ‘guten Rutsch’ into the new year!

17 thoughts on “Count Downton 5*

  1. Knew those eyes immediately. They look just like her. Striking. Did you see the Kennedy Center Honors Sunday night. Shirley MacLaine was among the five honored. What a stellar career and life she’s had. Love that she wanted to be in Downton Abbey.


  2. Holy Cow-wa-bunga, Julie!!!!!! And I ONLY use that word when I’m really impressed…which I am with this Downton series!
    Your drawing is a dead-ringer!!! I have to know what your daughter is thinking of all this!!!! She must love it!


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