PF: Bush Christmas


Another Christmas film rarely seen by Americans, made in Australia in 1947.

I first saw this about 15 years ago, when we moved to Colorado, because our library had a VHS copy in it’s collection, now long gone. Don’t let the covers fool you – the film is in black and white.

A pack of five young children set off to recover their stolen horse, on their own in the Australian outback. My own kids thought it was the coolest that these children rode their horses to school, set out into the wilderness on their own – to chase horse thieves! And now you are wondering what their parents thought, right? Well, the kids told them they were just going camping for a few days, and astonishingly that was enough! It may have been made for children, but I found it highly entertaining. The 1987 remake stars a young Nicole Kidman, but we haven’t seen it.

4 thoughts on “PF: Bush Christmas

  1. You know Julie, my kids go off for days, camping and exploring the bush. They prefer motorbikes to our two one eyed horses, but we have awesome waterfalls 500 – 600 meters away from the house and are surrounded by bush [a different kind to that in the movie – more lush]. Most Aussie bush kids know enough to stay out of trouble. Most of the story in that movie is quite possible. i must say though that they NEVER go alone and were teenagers before they overnighted it.
    Merry Christmas 🙂


    • That’s pretty amazing! Teens do a lot more on there own here as well, but I think American teens in general are less independant than their counterparts in Australia and Europe, probably all over! But the movie, is it a big favorite to watch at Christmas there?


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