Count Downton 30* and PPBF: Hodge the Hedgehog

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I let today’s PPBF pick inspire the Count Downton sketch of Mrs. Patmore (Lesley Nicol), because . . . it’s NIKOLAUS!

Author: Amy Sparkes
Illustrator: Benji Davies
Publisher: Worthwhile Books, 2010
Age: 4 and up
Themes: hedgehogs, sharing, books in rhyme
Opening: “Hodge the Hedgehog hogged the hedge. He didn’t like to share. The other creatures thought him rude, but Hodge just did not care.”
Summary: (from Amazon) Hodge the Hedgehog hogged the hedge; He didn’t like to share. The other creatures thought him rude, But Hodge just didn’t care.” Hodge the Hedgehog wants the whole hedge for himself – but the other animals in the forest think that Hodge needs to learn how to share! When everyone pitches in to teach Hodge a lesson about friendship, the results are downright silly – and all the animals learn that sharing can save the day!


Why I like this book: 1- I love hedgehogs, ever since my first encounter as an exchange student in Germany, 2 – super endpapers with fall leaves (I love fall!), 3-spoiler alert: mouse dons a towel turban after a bath. That’s enough, right? But the rhyming text is so much fun to read (the main character ‘haughtily huffs’!) you could almost overlook all the fun in the adorable illustrations!

Resources/Activities: I doubt enough American kids are familiar with hedgehogs, their habits or their habitats: read more picture books, like The Very Helpful Hedgehog or Hedgehog’s Magic Tricks; research hedgehog facts at websites like National Geographic; watch educational videos about hedgehogs, which point out why they don’t make great pets.

For more Perfect Picture Book Friday picks and parent/teacher resources go to Susanna Hill’s blog – HERE

30 thoughts on “Count Downton 30* and PPBF: Hodge the Hedgehog

  1. Every time we spotted a hedgehog in the garden we would run outside to watch it waddle away! I LOVE the wordplay of a hedge-hogging hedgehog. Brilliant idea. (and cute illus of your own, Julie!)


  2. I love hedgehogs, too, Julie, and we own an African Pygmy Hedgehog which is proving to be an inspiration for my writing! Yes, they are nocturnal, but we have plenty of fun with Pippin before we turn in for the night.
    Thanks for sharing these!


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