Count Downton 33*

mo maiduse_02(2)-1

If Anna is more like a mouse, Sir Richard Carlisle is a lot more like a rat. Which is why, after a truly sappy marriage proposal that Mary understood as a business contract, sans love, I found Sir Richard’s jealousy a bit much, but all could have been forgiven had Mary enjoyed quitting a little more. I suppose I wanted to feel the satisfaction I did at, 17 at throwing down the towel and stripping off the brown, orange and gold polyester uniform (I had under clothes, that stuff itched!) – and walking out! Okay, you got it, it was Burger King, but I was their best cashier, and I floated out of there!

If anyone wants to join me in sketching Downton characters, costumes, even furniture – ha! – please do. I’ll post your link, random post or otherwise, right here!


7 thoughts on “Count Downton 33*

  1. Amazeballs, Julie! I’d love to join you but I’m so behind in doodling. We’ll see. I’ll watch Downton tomorrow for research 😉


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