Oldie But Goodie: I Can Fly

I can’t remember where I read about this but I put it on hold at my library, and fell for it as I pulled it off the hold shelf. It had this cover, albeit without the odd smudge. Neither the author (Ruth Kraus) nor the illustrator (Mary Blair) is noted on the front, and I wonder if that was typical at the time of this reprint in 1966 (First published in 1950).

But I found this Golden Book cover online too, and wonder if Mary Blair was okay with this – because I’m not:

And this very early Jan Brett book – though I don’t know if the text is Krauss’, but hey, I’ve not seen an ‘early’ Jan Brett before!

Back to the book – it’s an abridged edition (of a PICTURE book?), so I have no idea how much of the original is missing. It opens with A bird can fly. So can I. It rhymes without a consistent meter pattern, but the text sings and as you can see the illustrations do too. I find it as fresh and invigorating as any of the new books!

Off to find the full version!

14 thoughts on “Oldie But Goodie: I Can Fly

  1. New on me too. I would only think Billy Goats Gruff lol. It is open to being copied with no name on the front. Looks very cute.


  2. I love this! So interesting to see the different versions and speculate about the reasons they were changed.

    As a tot, I LOVED Fridays. That was our grocery shopping day, and if I was very, very good my mom would let me choose a new Golden book!


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