Picture Perfect Friday Book – a spin!

Perfect Picture Book Friday is STILL taking a break, but I had to share this! Maybe I can add it to the list on Susanna Hill’s blog later, or inspire someone else to write a review!

Author: Julia Donaldson
Axel Scheffler
Arthur A. Levine Books; Reprint edition, 2013
Age Level: 4-7
Themes: rats, thieves, animals, stories in rhyme
Opening: The Highway Rat was a baddie. The Highway Rat was a beast. He took what he wanted and ate what he took. His life was one long feast. His teeth were sharp and yellow, his manners were rough and rude, And the Highway Rat went riding – riding – riding – riding along the highway and stealing the traveler’s food.
Summary: (From Amazon) From the bestselling creators of THE GRUFFALO, Julia Donaldson and Axel Scheffler
Quick! Hide all your goodies! The Highway Rat’s coming, and he’s going to steal your snacks… He takes clover from a rabbit, nuts from a squirrel — he even steals his own horse’s hay! Can no one stop him? The creators of STICK MAN and A GOLD STAR FOR ZOG stand and deliver this fabulous new story of a wickedly loveable villain who gets his just deserts.

This find on the NEW bookshelf at the library made me gasp! I have become SUCH a big fan of their collaborations, that I keep my fingers crossed and hope they continue! But I don’t like being disappointed, so I tucked it in my bag to savor the excitement (and wouldn’t want to shriek in the library, though the children’s librarians would understand). On the way home I told myself, “Now, Julie, the chances of this becoming another favorite are slim (I am a good convincer!), it will probably be good, probably not great, just enjoy it for what it is.” It’s a good trick of mine, and useful for someone who enjoys going from a calm state to euphoria in seconds. And it worked again! Aww, man – I LOVE IT!!! I’m like a kid, I love the characters, the repetition, but as an adult I know the poem from whence it was inspired and so could enjoy it all the more! Hope you do too!

If you have a few minutes, listen to the kids reading this book HERE.

And for Anne of Green Gables aficianados – enjoy:

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