Read Aloud in Another Lingo

The other day my daughter and I were having a blast reading aloud a few board books brought home from the juvenile Spanish section (did I mention, my library is my second home). Not only can you find books there that have been translated, but a plethora of beautiful books you won’t find in the ‘regular’ section – some that would not have been translated because they are not politically correct enough for the American market. Yep, you heard right! You won’t find a board book about a boy on the playground who has an ‘accident’ at the bottom of the slide – and then later pees in the playground bushes. Some of the art has a different flavor too, a bit more abstract or grown-up, like in El día que olvidé cerrar el grifo (found a translation for the book description – sure helped!)

Great reasons for venturing into the world languages section! But what my 19 yr old (yes, you read right) and I had so much fun with was reading aloud in a language we don’t speak, outside of a restaurant, and trying to figure out what’s going on in the story. So I am including a few picks here to inspire you to do the same. The following was translated from German. Since we happen to speak German, we had fun translating it back!

Here’s one I am putting on hold, because researching always leads to something exciting!

Just a little something for your added enjoyment:

14 thoughts on “Read Aloud in Another Lingo

  1. What a great idea. A friend loaned my a small German children’s book he had in his collection. And, I enjoyed trying to figure the story out. I don’t speak German, but studied two other languages.


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