PPBF: Looking for a Moose

Author: Phyllis Root
Illustrator: Randy Cecil
Publisher: Candlewick Press, 2006
Age Level: 3-5
Themes:moose, stories in rhyme
Opening: “Have you ever seen a moose- a long-leggy moose- a branch-antler, dinner-diving, bulgy-nose moose?”
Summary: (From Amazon) Spurred by Phyllis Root’s sing-songy text and Randy Cecil’s buoyant illustrations, this hunt for an elusive moose through woods, swamps, bushes, and hills is just as fun as the final surprise discovery of moose en masse.

original is in color

Why I like this book: It’s just a fantabulous read-aloud, with energetic rhythm, but also because it reminded me of a naive search for moose in the white mountains of New Hampshire, many noons ago. A ranger happened upon us and let us know the noises we heard were squirrels, and the moose would not be as close to the road at that time of day. Ahem.

Activity: make your own moose antlers – click on the photo for instructions on activitybucket.com; create rhyming adjectives by putting two words together to describe something, or make up some new ones.

Moosey on over to Susanna Hill’s blog for more Perfect Picture Books and activities – any day!


24 thoughts on “PPBF: Looking for a Moose

  1. I think you are moose(t) likely to succeed in finding these critters in Maine, up near the Canadian border. And sometimes they are way TOO close to the road for comfort, at least when I am driving!

    This looks cute and fun!


    • We have many here in Colorado, I’ve even managed to come too close – by accident, walking a dog while the rest of the cabin was sleeping. I heard they like to lick the salt off the roads – is that true?


  2. Ahahahaha. That story you told made me giggle. *wink* Your pick sounds great, Julie. I love books with energetic rhythm. Your antler activity is fantastical. (Though they don’t look like squirrel antlers.) 😉


  3. I, too, love energetic RHYTHM! This book should go alongside Oliver Jeffers This Moose Belongs to Me. I’ve never seen a moose, but they look like pretty funny creatures. I’ll have to check this one out!


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