Jingle Contest

I TRIED! This is the only thing I could upload, and as you can see I was silly enough to film myself in my pjs!

In case you were wondering what got me out of bed to do this – it’s for The Can’t Sleep Without Sheep E-Book Launch Jingle Contest! Go to Susanna Hill’s blog to see and/or hear the other entries.

If you’ll excuse me, I’ll go get dressed now.

ps – I don’t sleep with the scarf, but doesn’t it go well with my jammies?

If you want to snuggle with the ebook – click here

42 thoughts on “Jingle Contest

  1. Love the jammies…that’s the best thing about having a day at home! And the scarf is the perfect accessory. 🙂
    Your jingle is super cool and catchy, Julie…and good for you that you did the video…I need to get over my fear and hesitation about doing one.


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  3. Awesome, Julie! You have a career ahead of you! Both in film and fashion! As Vivian said, you were very brave. My next video will feature me singing (y’all have been duly warned!) but not me on camera!!!


  4. “Beddy bye-eee” love the new phrase. Julie, I REALLY like this tune. It’s pretty catchy with the new bedtime phrase and all. BTW, the jammies and scarf are (as the kids say) EVERYTHING!


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