PPBF: When I Was Born

Author: Isabel Minhos Martins
Illustrator: Madalena Matoso
Publisher: Tate Publishing, 2010; First Published in Portuguese as Quando Eu Nasci; Planeta Tangerina, 2010
Age Level: 3-8
Themes: world around us, senses
Opening: When I was born I had never seen anything. Only the darkness of my mother’s tummy.
Summary: (From Amazon) When I Was Born revisits the adventure of discovering the world for the first time. Breathing, seeing, hearing, tasting, and touch are encountered afresh in this beautifully illustrated, poetic tale, reintroducing readers to the richness and delight of life.

Click on image for more pics and  a mini review by awesome print maker Mina Braun.


Why I like this book: I love the simple, bright, eye-pleasing art. The artist makes wise use of  negative space. And the whole design, especially the text font gives it a 60’s feeling. The story is a gentle journey of curiosity and falling in love with the world. Read this excerpt aloud: Or how nice it is when someone whispers in your ear. Or how loud it can be when something falls. Or how a leaf falling just goes: plip!

Activity: Talking about the senses and identifying favorite sights, sounds, tastes will probably come naturally from the child(ren) being read to.

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15 thoughts on “PPBF: When I Was Born

  1. The art and text draw me in for this one. Love that it is translated from portuguese and the first ever experiences of a baby.


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