PPBF: Mr. Zinger’s Hat

Author: Cary Fagan
Illustrator: Dušan Petričić
Publisher: Tundra Books, 2012
Age Level: 4-6
Themes: children, storytelling, sharing, imagination
Opening: Every day after school, Leo took his ball into the courtyard. He threw the ball high into the air. It would hit the brick wall and bounce back, and Leo would try to catch it.
Summary: (from the publisher) This is the story of a bored little boy, who meets a man, and together they build a story. This story within a story is charming and changes both their lives… and quite possibly the readers as well.
Why I like this book: I picked up the book because I am a big fan of Petričić, and though his lively watercolors are mesmerizing, this time I fell for the story – and consequently put a bunch of Fagan”s books on my list. And the character of Mr. Zinger – I was captivated by his capacity for sharing, and ability to pull stories out of a hat, or a small boy for that matter! Anyone out there telling stories will fall for this one!


terrible scan – sorry!

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