For Renn in the STAR WARD

This post is for you, Renn. But let me explain a bit about what’s going on right now to any one else reading this: Renn is five years old and a Padawan, or Jedi in training. He is being tested. And it has not been easy. This post is one of many meant to help Renn bide the time (and hopefully make you smile, Renn!) while doctors try their best to locate the cause of his epileptic seizures – in his brain. If you’d like to learn more, you can join the blog at The Brain Of A Jedi, or the Face Book Group at Purple Day. And you can find out what other creative, generous and caring people are scheming for Renn this week on Susanna’s blog – here

Everyone out there, even in galaxies far, far away, please keep your fingers crossed for Renn!

I hope your parents plan to share Schoolhouse Rock with you – soon!

These were carved by Steve Thompson – click on the photo to read about him. I would not recommend trying this until you are a bit older, and definitely not without parental supervision. I think he used a scalpel (ask the doctors in the STAR WARD what those are!)

This is only part 1 of 3 videos, you can watch the rest on you tube. I’m sorry about the quality – but if you have never seen this, you might enjoy it anyhow!

If you click on the photo above, you will come to a site that features all kinds of art inspired by Star Wars. The photo below is from that site too. You should know there are a lot of people out there, JUST LIKE YOU who LOVE Star Wars!

And now for my contribution – inspired by you, probably one of the bravest kids ever – in the STAR WARD!


Or in any galaxy!

(Renn: If you want an image with a better resolution for printing, you just let me know! Anything for you and your family!)


29 thoughts on “For Renn in the STAR WARD

  1. Julie…if I could share this with the world, I would! Well, perhaps I will try.:)
    You have done an amazing post…I LOVED the Schoolhouse Rock (brought back such good memories) and also the Muppets video. Renn will totally enjoy the videos AND especially, the pilot license…Schoolhouse Rock..but Julie Rocks!!!! 🙂


  2. I am fighting the biggest tears right now… Renn is asleep at the moment, but I am half tempted to wake him up to see the wonderful creation you have made with this blog post!! Julie, my friend, I simply have no words. This was so incredible, so genuine, so PERFECT!! I cannot thank you enough… Holy wookie… I deinitely want that license for him!!!

    Okay, going back to look at it all over again. Thank you so much for your love and support for our little guy!! One day, we’re all going to wrap our arms around you!!!


    • When my daughter got ONE stitch at 3yrs, the doctors had me sent out of the OP. Two yrs later, with a few more stitches for my son, I learned real quick to muster up my calm. I cannot imagine what it takes for you guys – cannot. Love, love, love to you all.


    • I love that word! I always thought it was Danish, so I looked it up, and no real surprise it’s from Sweden. I like what they say in Estonia: ‘rootsi laud’! I think that’s almost funnier! Thanks Iza.


  3. WOW! This is fantastic, Julie! I love schoolhouse rock and the muppet show, and how cool is that fighter pilot license! I think you’ve provided Renn with tons of fun! Thanks so much for being part of another Hare-Brained Scheme Production! 🙂


  4. Julie – you have made MY day..I love the muppets. Renn may just be introduced to an older generation’s obsession with muppetational genius! Do you get the idea we adults are enjoying this as much as Renn? Who, by the way is going to be Luke Skywalker high with all the goodies – and oh- my – a personalized pilot’s license!!! You know the right buttons to push on the control panel!!! thanks for making his day!


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