One of the things I have always found funny, is how German visitors react to the squirrels (or tree rats/Baumratten, as we sometimes call them) running rampant through our trees, along fences and on the rooftops. They are not just a part of daily life, but can be the bane of my existence at times! I have come up with all kinds of contraptions to keep them out of my strawberry bed. I don’t enjoy setting out carved pumpkins any more because they only last a day or two, and the aftermath is a mess, because all they want are the seeds! Once a squirrel dropped a plastic chocolate syrup bottle (from a recycle bin) from about 40 feet out of the tree out front – luckily no one was hurt! And when we first moved here no one warned us to pack up the picnic food in case you turned your back – because they would come that close! And they did (remember those Oreos they pried out of the Tupperware, Liv?)  See a video here taken in the same park:

Where I grew up on Long Island, the closest I ever got to one was while quietly hiding in a tree – scared the poor thing when I screamed! The squirrels there are silver gray, and as you can see in the video ours are rather brown.

I’ve left the back door open a few too many times and have had to chase them away from where I have dried grains stored. A friend who lives closer to the park has had them come into the house through the chimney and once they pried back the window screens to get to some fruit on the kitchen counter. The same family claims that they have known squirrels to throw apples down at them too!

And then there is their gardening abilities – every spring I am pulling out tree saplings that I certainly didn’t plant, but for one I am glad – an oak that is about 3 feet/1m high now!

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