FC ADVENTure CALENDAR Days 15 and 16


It could not be helped! I didn’t post 15 yesterday because the internet kept disconnecting – for 2 days! I can only hope the connection lasts long enough for this tandem post. With my heart as heavy as it is, it was probably a good thing for me to sit back and reflect on life, on loss, and how to accept challenges.

This morning I decided to treat myself to a copy of the Sunday New York Times, something I had looked forward to for so many years – my Sunday Times and my Sunday bagel! I left my husband at the kitchen counter to prepare his favorite pancakes (prefer crepes myself!), and hopped into the car on this moist and cold morning to head down to Al’s Newstand.

On the way I saw plenty of people rushing to have their breakfast at a number of restaurants on the path to Al’s. It occurred to me that eating breakfast out is something Germans don’t do – or didn’t while I lived there! Shortly before we left Hannover some bakeries were offering fresh Broetchen (rolls, for the Americans reading – and, no, we can’t get anything of that quality here!) on Sundays, but that was it. Here we even have restaurants that offer only breakfast and often lunch, and that’s it!

Lucile’s Fort Collins

We don’t go out to eat that often, but we do have a favorite place in Fort Collins, at least for breakfast – Lucile’s! There are 5 locations in Colorado now, but you’d never guess, because the atmosphere is like coming into someone’s home! Our friends Diana and Will introduced us, and it was their good company and the marvelous food that kept us coming back. Our son has no trouble putting away four of these beignets in one sitting – and he knows not to wear dark clothing for all the powdered sugar!

beignets – homemade New Orleans-style donuts

Sunday breakfasts are usually spent at home though, with pancakes, crepes, baguette or bread, but once in a while we indulge with a dozen bagels. I’d like to add here that they are not as good as those to be had all over New York, but the 2 store here in the Fort come pretty close!


Gib’s Bagels (from the Northern Colorado Business Report)


♥An earlier than usual wish: Peace and love to all, everywhere.

10 thoughts on “FC ADVENTure CALENDAR Days 15 and 16

  1. NOTHING compares to german brotchen mit frische markenbutter und/oder jam…
    and you are also right about the bagels
    nonetheless…we have come to enjoy a variety of american breakfast fare as well

    congrats on the 150th post, keep ‘m coming!

    libe grusse,


  2. Nice, I was bummed not to have one to read yesterday, what’s going to happen after December?? We didn’t make it up to the cabin because of possible blizzard conditions so we’ll be getting our tree mid-week. Did you get a tree? I hear the ones at the Bellvue Bean are nice local trees. Gotta fix some dinner. Have a lovely evening!



  3. Lucile’s looks like a place I’d like to go! And really, if you’ve lived in New York I’m afraid you do become somewhat of a bagel snob 🙂 but I have to say, our local Stop & Shop actually has pretty good bagels! Not quite NYC, but very good if they’re fresh! 🙂


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