Every year our family has gone up to the foothills to cut down our Christmas tree at Davis Ranch. The charge for cutting a tree has been about $20 for the first 8’/2.4m, and we’ve never even come close! We usually are able to fit the tree inside the car! Once, the attendant was so disappointed in our wimpy choice he only charged us $7! I usually pull together a wreath from the leftover twigs and fresh-cut left-behinds.


We are not sure we will be able to get one from the ranch this year because of the massive fire in the foothills this summer. But it has been a wonderful place to visit, especially if there was enough snow to do some sledding after we pick out a tree. Keep your fingers crossed – we’ll be looking for one this weekend!

This photo was taken near the ranch by Raul Alvarez (denverchannel.com)

It’s Perfect Picture Book Friday again, and I’d like to introduce another American Christmas tale:

The Christmas Tree Ship

Author/Illustrator: Jeanette Winter
Publisher: Philomel Books, 1994
Age Level: 4-8
Themes: Christmas, Christmas trees, ships
Opening: Chop, chop, chop went the axes, cutting down spruce trees in the wintry northern woods.
Summary: One day, when the Christmas Tree Ship disappears, the girls and their mama wait for their father to come home. But when the snows of another November blow in, Elsie, Pearl Hazel and their mama know what they must do…
Why I like this book: First off, I am enamored with Winter’s illustration style! She incorporates mood and just enough emotion, with few lines, shapes, and lots of dots – and is a master of color. The true story draws me in, and Winter has found a way to share the hard truths with a gentle hand.

Resources/Activities: check out another telling of this true story; follow today’s reenactment by the US Coast Guard; read more true history

The Arrival: Here Comes the Christmas Tree Ship, by Charles Vickery
(click on the photo to buy a print)

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16 thoughts on “FC ADVENTure CALENDAR Day 14 and PPBF

  1. I just recently discovered Ms Winter and am in love with her work. My PPBF pick was a Jeanette Winter book as well! I will have to look for this one. Those fires look pretty scary. We’re in a drought here and fires can happen so quickly. It worries me to hear sirens. I hope that you’re safe! And I’ll be looking forward to seeing a picture of your Christmas tree!!


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