The Denver Post once described Fort Collins as the ‘Colorado college town with the most vital music scene’. In an article on npr.org I found out that ‘Fort Collins is home to the revered recording studio The Blasting Room, and members of punk rock legends The Descendants, All, and Black Flag have ties to this town’. We do have plenty to offer, and something for everyone.

Music Venues that Rock the Fort (I took descriptive cues from websites and online reviews)

Aggie Theatre: smaller but more intense acts still carve our little town into their schedule/they give you wristbands so you can come and go as you please
Avogadro’s Number: Cozy unique atmosphere serves up Bluegrass, Jazz, Arias, Tempeh, and a treehouse on the patio
Budweiser Event Center (Loveland): 7,200 seats – everything from monster truck shows and ice hockey games to Cirque de Soleil and Kenny Rogers
Everyday Joe’s Coffee House: amazing space – non-profit coffee house run by Christians
Hodi’s Half Note: an easy place to go when you’re looking for a cheap concert.
Lincoln Center: newly renovated primary performing arts facility
Lucky Joe’s Sidewalk Saloon: described as having a Texan/Irish pub feel
Swing Station (LaPorte): during the summer months they actually encourage bringing in your own grub to throw on the grill
Mishawaka Amphitheater: Up the canyon, on the banks of the Poudre, fondly called “The Mish”
University Center for the Arts: dynamic faculty, committed students offer art, music, theater, dance (Singer of the Year competition is a fav)


Bohemian Nights: New West Fest with int’l. headliners and 90+ CO bands for FREE
FoCoMX: 2 nights, 30 venues, 300+bands

And an entertainment paper that keeps track of it all: Scene Magazine

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