FC ADVENTure CALENDAR Day 12, and 12x12in’12 Party!


A favorite book from my childhood is Go, Dog. Go!, by P.D. Eastman. It features dogs in all colors, utilizing all sorts of vehicles to get around. We didn’t have a car in Hannover, but we never needed to own one. In moving to Fort Collins from Germany we had to make a big adjustment. When we first arrived it was really important to me that we choose a place to live that allows for accessibility with a bicycle, or on foot. So we rented a house in Old Town, and finally bought one two years later. We only had one car for a few years, and with the trailer on the bike I was able to manage pretty well.

Bike paths in Fort Collins

We are fortunate that Fort Collins has a great bike culture, and many of the city’s streets are marked with bike paths. If you are looking to get somewhere via bike, the city has a Bike Coordinator to help you find the best route, bicycle safety resources and classes, route maps, a bike-and-ride program( buses that can carry up to two buses on the front at a time), status updates on bike trail conditions, bike cage access in one of the parking houses, bike-to-work-day and bike-to-school-day events, and more.

The bus system cannot be compared to any in Europe, but the city puts a lot of effort into promoting it’s use, including offering free bus fare for all students under 17, and all university students with a RamCard. They also work with neighboring communities to establish affordable regional transit services, for we may have train tracks, but no passenger trains. Unbelievable to us at first, but true. And at this point, with our barely stable economy, I only hope to see that happen. I’ll be sharing the story of our trolley in another ADVENTure post!

It’s Wednesday, and time for another idiom (WIX). I’ll keep ‘in motion’ with the thread of today’s post: on the home stretch: approaching something such as a task, race or journey. And I am! It’s the 12th day of the 12th month in 2012, a perfect day to celebrate! I have almost (19 days left!) successfully completed Julie Hedlund’s 12x12in’12 Challenge: 12 rough picture book drafts in 12 months in 2012! I am finding it too hard to express my gratitude to Julie and all my fellow participants – I am overflowing. So here is another Mr.Poppenfuss illustration, for IF: Explore, which expresses how I feel:


PS: Happy Birthday Beth!

53 thoughts on “FC ADVENTure CALENDAR Day 12, and 12x12in’12 Party!

  1. HAPPY BIRTHDAY BETH! (was that loud enough?)

    How I love bike-friendly cities (Nice was NOT! Amsterdam was!)

    So happy to have connected mit Dir, Julie!


  2. What? It’s Beth’s birthday? Darn I was just on her blog. I guess I’ll have to head back over. And good job on a great 12×12 year! So glad to have “met” you Julie. I wish I still lived in CO so we could meet up for real.


  3. So many reasons to celebrate. I love Mr. Poppenfuss — out climbing his mountain. He looks ready to meet any challenge. I, too, have one manuscript left before I can really say “success” with this challenge, but I know we can do it!


  4. Pretty sure Mr. Poppenfuss can be seen during the end credits of The Sound of Music, traipsing along behind the vonTrapps. He’s adorable! Congrats on all that you have achieved in 2012 Julie!


  5. I LOVE Mr. Poppenfuss, and I think we need to add him as a mascot for 12 x 12!! You will get to the top of that mountain, and then the next one, and the next one!

    It’s been an honor and a pleasure to have you this year in 2012, and to meet you in person! Hope to see more of both you and your writing next year. THANK YOU for all you’ve contributed. And cheers to 2013!


  6. Julie, Poppenfuss is a delightful character! Yes, that fuzzy mountain climber would make a great mascot (as the other Julie suggested). Also, happy birthday Beth!
    Cheers to all! (Wow…this party is kinda like a rehearsal for New Year’s Eve…)


  7. I LOVE Go Dog Go! How often do I say, “Go around again!” and “Do you like my hat?” 🙂 Your biking community sounds idyllic! And congrats on all your 12×12 mss! And thanks for taking part in Beth’s Birthday Bash 🙂


  8. Love the name, Julie: Mr. Poppenfuss…how cute! And your drawing is sweet, too. I wish our city had a well laid out bike path. Chicago has a path along the lake, but none farther out towards the suburbs. You are very fortunate! I, too, find it hard to describe all that 12×12 means to me. I’m so thankful it will continue in 2013. See you then!


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