We can only boast 2 museums, but we CAN boast!

Linda combines her own artistic style with the tradition of basket weaving from the ancestors of her Native American tribe, the Chumash, who historically inhabited the southern coastal regions of California.

Our neighbor, and my dear friend, Linda Aguilar, recently gave a demonstration of horsehair basket weaving at the new Fort Collins Museum of Discovery, at it’s brand new location. The new museum promises a combination of history, science and culture, with, as before, lots of hands-on exhibits and activities.

Fort Collins Museum of Discovery (Tim O’Hara Photography)


Another favorite is the MOA, Fort Collins Museum of Art, housed in the old Post Office building in Old Town: it aims to ‘enrich the cultural life of the region and advance community understanding of the power of the visual arts to foster life-long learning, social interaction, and personal inquiry’. We have gone every year to check out the Masks exhibit and silent auction, in which over 150 local artists participate annually.

6 thoughts on “FC ADVENTure CALENDAR Day 11

  1. I’m loving your series. My second final project is under way, so I’m technically not supposed to be reading blogs. But, couldn’t resist. My sister’s friend is moving to Fort Collins in a few weeks. I need to forward this series to her. 🙂 Have a wonderful day.


  2. The museum od Discovery is beautiful. So important to the culture of a city. Am enjoying leaning more about Ft. Collins. I don’t know if I’ve been there — I know when Iwas 14, we traveled outwest and stopped in Loveland. Have been in Denver and Colorado Springs a number of times. Your town is charming.


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