I’m taking to the streets today! What we know now as ‘Old Town’ was mapped out and planned back in 1867, but as Fort Collins grew the streets needed names and a ‘New Town’ layout. Frank C. Avery was engaged to draw up a map and presented it in 1873.

Avery map of Fort Collins

Old Town had been laid out parallel to the river, but Avery held to the compass, creating a few pie-shaped blocks in Old Town. Most of the east-west streets were named for trees and shrubs. North-south streets were given the names of prominent residents, many of whom were trustees of the company that hired Avery!

House on Willow Street, Fort Collins

Because of the space available, Avery chose to use it, and created very wide streets: the main street running north-south through town is 140ft/43m wide, and most others 100ft/30m. That may not seem like too much today, but back then the streets were not paved, so to avoid soiling their dresses the ladies were forced to pull the skirts up and navigate the ruts, mud and dust. I’ve also heard he wanted to have enough room for a horse and carriage to make a u-turn in the street.

College Avenue, Opera House Block Bldg.

Our street was named after the Agricultural College’s first president, Elijah E. Edwards.

Click on any of the pictures for more info!

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