FCACbanner8If you’ve been wondering what the funny shape is in the ‘skyline’ in the ADVENTure CALENDAR image – it’s our landmark, a symbol of our city, a mountain – located in the foothills to the west of town. And because of the resemblance, it’s got a great name: Horsetooth Rock.

It’s one of the first things you notice when you come to Fort Collins. And if you’re lucky, you’ve found someone to join you on the hike up through Horsetooth Mountain Open Space (click for more pics) – a good 4km and 457m in elevation. Just beyond, which you can’t see from town, is Horsetooth Resevoir – created by diverting water from the west slope of the Rocky Mountains to the east slope, for drinking water, irrigation and hydropower generation.

It is also used for recreation: swimming, fishing, sailing, rowing, camping, picnicking and boating. To our great surprise when we moved here, that also includes motor boats and jet skis. Click on either of the above photos from landscapeimagery.com, for a detailed description of the hike and more terrific photos. Olivia can point out where we live in relation to it.


This photo was taken on a hike not far from Horsetooth, shortly after we moved here:


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