It’s Friday! After work on Friday many people in Fort Collins like to go out, relax and catch up with friends. And one of the great things about Fort Collins is that we have local breweries, and brew pubs. And not just a few! We have enough that a couple of companies make it their business to take you on a tour of them all!

In fact Fort Collins produces more beer than anywhere else in Colorado, and that is saying a bit because Colorado is ranked first in the country for the volume produced by breweries. Some are famous for their award winning beers, and one in particular for their environmental stewardship. Yes, I’ve got favorites, which I’d be glad to share – whenever you come by and visit!

Click on a brewery name, and you’ll be linked to their website. Prost!

And also because it’s Friday, Perfect Picture Book Friday, I am including a picture book review. My selections during Advent will include some favorite American books.

Title: Three French Hens
Author: Margie Palatini
Illustrator: Richard Egielski
Publisher: Hyperion, 2005
Age level: 3-7
Themes: Christmas, friendship, trust, humor
Opening: On the third day of Christmas a mademoiselle from Paris sent her true love three French hens, two turtledoves, and a partridge in a pear tree. The hens never arrived…

Summary: (from Scholastic) Colette, Poulette, and Fifi end up delivered not to Philippe Renard, but to Phil Fox from the Bronx. Phil can’t believe his luck— he hasn’t had a square meal in weeks, and here’s a free lunch right on his doorstep! But his plans to dine on the delectable fowl are foiled as the French hens work their Christmas magic on him, proving that the spirit of the holidays can bring the most unlikely folks together.
Why I like this book: The illustrations are gorgeous, with details to ponder on every page. Despite its utter silliness, the story alludes to what can truly get mixed up when languages or cultures cross. It also reminds me a bit of the three little pigs, but it has the flavor of all-time favorite: Dr. De Soto, by William Steig.
Resources/Activities: activities for kids from the author’s page; sing the song (see the video below) together; consider what it would take to give the 12 gifts of Christmas today

Fore more PPBF picks and teacher resources, go to Susanna Hill’s blog

27 thoughts on “FC ADVENTure CALENDAR Day7 and PPBF

  1. I like silly! Sounds like a fun book with a different take on the Twelve Days of Christmas! The illustrations look gorgeous. Just wondered if the hens visited the brewery!

    Love you sharings of Ft. Collins. Sounds like a fun night — a concert and a visit to a new brewery! Cheers!


  2. This looks like such fun! A friend of mine in England wrote a humorous take-off of Twelve Days of Christmas that is usually repeated on BBC Radio (and listenable online) on Christmas Eve and available online for 7 days afterwards. If it’s on again this year, I’ll be linking to it on my blog on Dec. 24th. It’s called “Yet Another Partridge in a Pear Tree.” I have a feeling Brian would love this Three French Hens book!


  3. I hope you had a fun time at your opera singing brewery! I love the looks of this book! We have some silly chickens here and I love any kind of book about them! As Penny said – the sillier the better. And I also love silly takes on this song. I’ll be looking for this one. Thanks!


  4. Hilarious! I love the idea behind this book.

    My husband would be envious of your brewpubs — he’s a home-brewer and loves to try new brews.


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