SkADaMo 11

Still reading David Copperfield; enthralled by all the characters: Dr. Strong (…almost as stiff and heavy as the great stone urns…), Mrs Gummidge (I am a lone lorn creature.).

Heading to Becoming Van Gogh exhibit at the Denver Art Museum today, with good friends and hot chocolate!

Enjoy your Sunday.


15 thoughts on “SkADaMo 11

  1. Congrats on your prize of the marketing consult, Julie! I love these sketches. I don’t know why, but I chuckled at Dr. Strong’s jowls. Maybe because they remind me so much of my own. Can’t wait to hear and see what you come away with from the Van Gogh exhibit.


  2. Wow, love these sketches to pieces! You’re making me want to read David Copperfield now. I just finished Tail of Two Cities a few weeks ago. Great book, but probably his least colorful characters to caricaturize.


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