PPBF: Families Have Together

A good one as we get closer to a favorite Family-Time celebration: Thanksgiving!

Author: Harriet Ziefert (click for interview)
Illustrator: Deborah Zemke
Publisher: Blue Apple Books, 2005
Opening: Morning has hugs. Toasters have plugs. Breakfast has mugs. Milk has glugs.
Themes: family, stories in rhyme
Summary: (from the publisher) Whether we are rushing out the door for our busy day or taking a car ride to see our friends, our family is with us This delightful rhyming book celebrates the joys of family life.
Why I Like This Book: This book encourages creativity in accentuating the positive things in life – a grand yet simple lesson!
Resources/Activities: Find rhymes in your own household, or in the classroom: Teacher has talk, board has chalk, and so on; share your day at the table with a ‘best thing about today’ item and a ‘worst thing’ – everyone gets a turn; Special plate – everyone shares something they like about who ever gets the ‘special plate’ (different patterned plate, different placemat, different glass) at the table. We have test-driven all of these for years, and can recommend every one!

26 thoughts on “PPBF: Families Have Together

    • Your talking to the tech-dinosaur here – I ‘forced’ my daughter to survive HS without becoming a texting queen. In the end she was better able to see for herself what it was doing to her friends! And she appreciated it!


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