23 thoughts on “SkADaMo 8

  1. Love your work. So precious! By the way, did you ever read “Home Front.” Have wondered what you thought. The book is being made into a movie. Listened to it on cd again while traveling and was very moved.


    • Pat, I have struggled with this, hence the silence, but I didn’t like it. I so appreciated your sending it to me and didn’t know what to say. I have trouble with fiction that is too descriptive for me (I mainly stick to adult non-fiction). I’d like to offer to send it back to you, or further to someone of your choice. I hope I haven’t upset you!


      • You hinted a while back and I wondered. The book is proving very helpful to vets and their wives working together in a groups here. If you don’t want it I have a use for it and I know others who wanted the book. I will leave it up to you because of the postage. The other thing you could is donate it to a library.


  2. Hi Julie. I’m just getting a chance to look through your sketches this week… they are all wonderful. I am really drawn to these bunnies! So sweet, & soft! Nice work 🙂


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