PPBF: Ed Emberley’s Halloween Drawing Book

With Halloween creeping up this PPB is ripe for the carving!
Author/Illustrator: Ed Emberley
Publisher: Little, Brown and Company, 1980
Genre: non-fiction
Themes: Halloween, drawing
Age Level: For anyone who says they can’t draw!
Opening: If you can draw these simple shapes (triangle, circle, square, etc.) there’s a good chance that you will be able to draw at least most of the things in this book. Step-by-step instructions show you how.
Synopsis: (From Amazon) Using simple shapes, Ed Emberley shows would-be artists how to draw a variety of creepy and scary Halloween creatures, such as witches, bats, monsters, and more! This book is packed with cool things that kids-and not a few adults-really want to draw. Easy and fun, the book provides hours of art-full entertainment.
Why I like this book: I have not seen the revised edition, but I hope it is as simple and fun as the original; Emberley really broke the process down to the basics, and made it easy to figure out how to draw just about anything! And as a former art teacher I truly appreciate giving kids simple yet perfect tools to succeed.
Resource/Activity: Get out your pencils, markers and paper and DRAW! Emberley has written many other drawing books: Make A World, Animals, Fingerprints, Weirdos, Faces, Trucks and Trains – the list goes on!

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18 thoughts on “PPBF: Ed Emberley’s Halloween Drawing Book

  1. Oh, wow! This sounds great, Julie! So much fun! And as someone who is definitely in the “I can’t draw!” category, it sounds so encouraging 🙂 I will have to check this one out! Thanks for adding it to our list 🙂


  2. What fun! You could get kids to learn to draw Halloween stuff and then have them decorate the house with it. Awesome! My friend showed me a cool kids hat that’s a spider. I can’t wait to try it.


  3. Julie, I just love your banner at the top. It stops me every time I come here. We got my son the Ed Emberley animal drawing book last Christmas and he’s really enjoyed it. This one looks great, too! Thanks for sharing.


  4. We LOVE Ed Emberley at our house. The Grown-Up Kids of the Mom Person still have their Ed Emberley books. and their kids – The Beloved Grandkids – have received their share of these books too. I do some pretty good paw painting. And my buddy Walker paints with his tail. This looks like one we need to find! Thanks Ms Julie!


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