PPBF: Bear With Me

D1D218CA-6778-4982-BC41-9407BA488CF5Author/Illustrator: Max Kornell
Publisher: G.P.Putnam’s Sons, 2011
Genre: fiction
Themes: friendship, bears, siblings
Age Level: 4-6
Opening: It started off just right. I had a mom and a dad and my own set of blocks. I had everything I needed.
Synopsis: from the publisher: Everything in Owen’s world is just peachy-till his parents bring home a bear named Gary-without even asking! Gary changes everything: he takes up way too much space and makes a mess of all of Owen’s toys. Gary means well, though, and eventually Owen starts to see that there are some good things about having a bear in the family.
Why I like this book: I am a sucker for great illustrations and Kornell captures the frustration of his main character impeccably, using vibrant watercolors and pencil lines, creatively arranged in collage with acrylics. The difficulty in adapting to change in a family is conveyed in a straightforward manner and balanced with gentle yet juicy humor.
Resource/Activity: This is the first time I have attached a book enrichment pdf, from Words Alive, so let me know if you have trouble downloading: ELIBookEnrichmentGuide_BearWithMe
The attached video was probably made as an intro piece, but it is fun and informative to see how his characters come to life digitally:
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PS – Playing around with a more graphic header, utilizing a font I created. Should I stick to pretty pics instead?

25 thoughts on “PPBF: Bear With Me

  1. This looks great! I’m so glad I came across this because it gives me an idea for a story I’m working on.

    Great banner on your site, by the way. Is that new?


  2. Looks like a fun book. The PDF downloaded with ease. I enjoyed the digital drawing video too, especially after the weekend conference. Again, thanks for being a roomie. After I finish all my homework, I have notes from one of the workshops to send you (and that link I feel like I promise, but can’t seem to remember).


  3. Wow, Julie…awesome banner! Also, awesome book choice for PPBF…thanks for providing the illustration trailer clip…it almost makes me think I could draw illustrations for my stories…ummm…I did say almost, didn’t I? 🙂 🙂


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