PPBF: The Twin’s Blanket

Author/Illustrator: Hyewon Yum
Publisher: Frances Foster Books, Farrar Strauss Giroux 2011
Genre: fiction
Themes: twins, sisters, blankets, sharing, individuality
Age Level: 3 and up
Opening: We’re look-alike twins. That means we look like each other. That means we share everything.
Synopsis: Told from their POV, five year old twin girls, who have always shared everything, sleep in separate beds with their own blankets for the first time.
Resource/Activity: Project Linus: strives to offer comfort for children who are seriously ill, traumatized, or otherwise in need.
Why I like this book: I love the mother’s creative solution (isn’t that what makes a good mother – resourcefulness?!), and the simple and beautifully colored illustrations. Also one of School Library Journal’s Best Picture Books of 2011.
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32 thoughts on “PPBF: The Twin’s Blanket

  1. I love the cover – one has a bunny, one has a bear. Does that foreshadow anything in the story? I’ll have to read it and find out!


  2. Fabulous twin story, Julie…my son has 7 year old twins…a boy and a girl…I think this story would be quite special for them.:) And thank you so much…I just noticed you put my blog button up on your side bar…that is so lovely of you.:)


  3. I must read this, too. I wrote a story (in another lifetime) about twins, and twin intuition, and when they were young they had a hard time being separated.

    This book sounds as though it deals with the problem very well. And it makes me want to write about twins in a picture book!


  4. Hi! I hear a “fairness” lesson in this little gem since fair doesn’t always have to mean equal, right? YaY! Do you know the story about Rotten and Rascal? They’re dinosaur twins who learn the hard way that they needn’t squabble over everything – that’s my favorite twin story!



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