Sir PBJ: 10 Hungry Rabbits

Sir PBJ is a HUGE fan of Anita Lobel’s artwork and the illustrations in 10 HUNGRY RABBITS: Counting and Color Concepts, do not fall short.

“In fact the story combines learning to count and identify colors beautifully. It is the book’s design that disappoints, and my criticism begins with the book’s size. The format (7″x8.75″) is TOO SMALL to convey the richness of texture and color of the gouache and watercolor paintings. Unfortunately it does not end there: although Bodoni is a beloved font (yes, faithful knights in the realm of children’s books do note of the style and appearance of printed matter!) it does not read well in smaller sizes, and I can barely decipher the publisher’s information.”

What does Sir PBJ recommend?

“Of course this book must be added to the Royal Library. How can one resist these lovely rabbits digging, picking and yanking? Yank is such a such a delightful verb! We can only hope that Lady Lobel’s next volume be given a little more consideration.”

Please click on the cover image to link to Rain Makes Applesauce, a blog I have just recently discovered with fantastic story time suggestions!

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