PPBF: The Giant Seed

This post is dedicated to all those affected by the High Park Fire: seeds of hope
Author/Illustrator: Arthur Geisert
Publisher: Enchanted Lion Books, 2012 (originally published in France under La Grosse Graine by Editions Autrement, 2010)
Genre: wordless fiction;  note the interesting size: 10 1/4″ x 6″
Themes: pigs, seeds, volcanoes, islands, dandelions, displacement
Age Level: 4-8
Synopsis: In this new episode of Geisert’s pig stories (yes, that was the cue to read the others) a seed drifts into the community, is planted, nurtured and enjoyed by all. The threat of a  volcano eruption has them scrambling to safety, and I’ll let you guess how their escape is provided – or you can drift over to your local bookstore tomorrow to participate in Kelly Sonnack’s annual Save the Bookstore’s 2012 Event
Why I like this book: Geisert’s ability to imbue action and adventure in a wordless picture book with really cool photogravure illustrations is magical! (From Wikipedia: Photogravure is an intaglio printmaking or photo-mechanical process whereby a copper plate is coated with a light-sensitive gelatin tissue which had been exposed to a film positive, and then etched, resulting in a high quality intaglio print that can reproduce the detail and continuous tones of a photograph.)
Resource/Activity:  Good explanation for wind dispersal of seeds; Craft ideas: Printmaking for Kids; makeandtakes.com: home-made volcanoes
For more posts on Perfect Picture Books and resources visit Susanna Hill’s blog every Friday
And now to Day Nine: Jeff Goins tells us another habit of great writers is to connect with other writers. Then I must be in a great group of great writers already! For more info visit Julie Hedlund’s site for more info on the 12x12in’12 Challlenge.

26 thoughts on “PPBF: The Giant Seed

  1. I hope everyone is ok in Colorado. We get wildfires here too, and they are so devastating. Thanks for sharing this amazing book. You always introduce me to such wonderful illustrators and authors!


  2. This looks very interesting, Julie. Wordless picture books offer a whole different realm for “reading”. I can’t help being reminded of that other seed book – the one where the seed blows and finally lands and grows into a new plant – which of course the title has deserted me at the moment… 🙂 Thanks so much for sharing this one!


  3. Julie, the voice in this picture book sounds wonderful! I havta have it! *grabs credit card* 🙂 I love wordless picture books. Following the story through the illustrations teaches kids that reading is fun! Even before they can read. I am sorry about the wildfires. *sigh* Will be praying! I mean that too.


  4. Sorry I am so late on commenting…now we have the Waldo Canyon Fire here near Colorado Springs that we are dealing with…there are just toooooo many fires in Colorado. 😦
    I love this book…don’t know the others in the series…but will definitely check it out…great activities, Julie!
    Hope all is well in your neck of the woods.


    • Looks like your fire is closer to town, or at least to the ‘big’ houses. We all just keep looking for the clouds, eh. How is the smoke where you are? We have good days and bad, but our house being in the middle of town we are quite safe.


      • Early this evening we watched a bunch of homes on the hillside of Mountain Shadows burn…so scary and sad. The past few days, the smoke was ok…but this afternoon, the wind changed direction and they say it was 65 miles an hour near the fire…the whole north side of town was blanketed in smoke…and many communities were evacuated. We are on Templeton Gap off Union…so hopefully, we will be ok…but I have the car packed, just in case. 🙂 Where are you?


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