Happy Birthday to Me!

How thoughtful! Another writing challenge and it starts on my birthday! I shouldn’t have, but I hope I like it!

You may wonder why, if I enjoy writing so much, do I need to append at someone else’s prompting. Think of me at my desk and note the view I have of the kitchen floor and clothing strewn across stacks of kid’s schoolwork. Got the picture? Daily household tasks if avoided are rewarded with dust bunnies that leave droppings, or a laundry pile that could receive R38 on an insulation scale. Sadly I am often more motivated to tidy up than to revise a manuscript draft, again. Funny how I can procrastinate by tackling chores!

So when I am home, not driving a kid somewhere, volunteering, or digging weeds for cash, I need to exercise good discipline to write.  One way to keep me writing is to join in on a challenge. The reward is in the ‘keeping’.

And it’s one more thing to keep me busy while I’m busy.

18 thoughts on “Happy Birthday to Me!

  1. Happy Birthday Julie! Have wondered if you have had a chance to start Kristin’s book and what you think. Since my husband had not read it I bought the book tape and we listened to it driving to Florida. My husband loved it!


    • Unfortunately my days have been less quiet than I would like. My daughter’s HS graduation is over, but the aftermath is more than I anticipated. I have not even finished preparing for the first meeting of the kid-lit-crit group I started! It is my birthday, and I should be sitting in the garden with that book, but alas, I am working…I will let you know what I think after the first chapter – seems less daunting to update!

      Thanks for thinking of me! Julie


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