Belated WIX: Prendere in Giro

It’s Thursday, late again. Scusi.

We all like to make fun, tease or pull someone’s leg. And I am a well known sucker. Yep, I fall for everything!

Hold on though, the Italians like to spin or take around. Or even give you a drink: cercare di darla a bere. Either way you may have difficulty walking a straight line afterwards!

German’s will take your arm: auf den Arm nehmen; a well-mannered jest!

The French come closer to taking you for a ride: faire marche, though you’ll have to walk! (Or hitch a ride with the Swedes: driva med nån). They might put more effort in it and play a trick on you:  jouer un tour à vous which directly translated is play a turn. That could make you dizzy too!

Finally, if you’re goofing with friends in Argentina you might want to keep your hat on: Tomarle el pelo a alguien so the don’t drink your hair!

8 thoughts on “Belated WIX: Prendere in Giro

  1. In Germany people go for a walk together arm in arm, not just couples. I would do so while shopping with my mother-in-law for instance. The intent in pulling a leg may just be a bit more deceptive! And it’s easier to say than ‘knocking someone down by pushing at the back of the knees’ – lol!


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