PPBF: Pictures from Our Vacation

Pictures from Our Vacation
Author/Illustrator: Lynne Rae Perkins
Publisher: Greenwillow Books, 2007
Age Level: 5-8
Genre: fiction, 32 pgs
Themes/topics: Vacation, family reunions, photography
Opening and synopsis: Just before we got into the car to go on our vacation, our mother said, “Oh, I almost forgot!” From her bag she pulled out a little camera for me, and one for my brother.

Given a camera that takes and prints tiny pictures a young girl records a vacation that gets off to a slow start, but winds up being a family reunion filled with good memories.

I wish I had read this before some of the family road trips we took!

See Susanna Hill Leonard’s blog for the Perfect Picture Books List of reviews.

20 thoughts on “PPBF: Pictures from Our Vacation

  1. Wish I read this on our family vacations when the boys were young. On our last trip across the continent there are no photos what so ever. I will never forgive myself as my husband died the next year. At the time I thought souvenir T shirts would be enough. ha. Photos, we want photos. And giving the camera to the kids is a great idea. I don’t think I can read that book.


  2. Julie – Sounds like a great book, especially as our little guy is getting older for those trips. I’m going to read through the activity post as one of my PB this week deals with this. It’s been a bit tricky, so maybe I’ll find inspiration.


  3. Great idea! I did this very thing with my daughter on evey vacation we took. Gave her a disposable camera, crayons and and book to record her vacation. Glad to see someone wrote a book. Sounds fun!


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