Dissection of a Puppet

Snoozing amongst the anemones.

A fellow 12x12er (Hi Pamela!) asked how I made the Phyllis puppet (recent post: Howdy Phyllis!).  Since I wanted to do a little mending after her turbulent tour of Fort Collins, Phyllis had nothing against it!

I make grocery totes from old sweaters and used a leftover sleeve, a few buttons and embroidery strength thread to mold the body. No pattern, just feel my way, undo stitches if I don’t like the grimace – obviously very skilled work! Snips of leftovers for the ears, long folded strips for arms and stitched felt hands/gloves. No need to stitch open edges since the sweater has been through the wash – gotta love felt!

Phyllis in her birthday suit, checking for black raspberry flowers.

"Phyllis! We use napkins here!"

Wash and blow

Next, a look over to the clothing donation bag revealed a tank top, now fashioned into the t-shirt, and for the green overalls I checked my stash of Christmas wrap. We wrap all presents with fabric, which makes for a very tidy fold-up job after all the excitement! Another button on the front, surrounded with stitched yellow petals and VOILA!

22 thoughts on “Dissection of a Puppet

  1. I love this. And thanks so much for posting how you made the puppet. It gives me multiple ideas for making puppets out of my storybook characters and posting the instructions on my book website.

    You and Susanna could get together and plan on posting this on her Phyllis groundhog website. And set up a link to your site so her readers could enjoy reading your creative and artistic posts, too.


  2. You are so amazing, Julie! I love this! I was also dying to know, so I’m glad Pamela thought to ask and grateful you took the time to answer! 🙂 Of course, being EXTREMELY handicapped in the sewing and artistic departments, I doubt I could do this myself. I’m concocting a plan, which may or may not turn into anything, and you may be receiving a cajoling email in which I beg you to let me borrow your Phyllis 🙂


  3. This is uber cool, and you are so creative, Julie. I think I am as handicapped as Susanna in this area, and yet your instructions are so clear I suspect even we could have a go at this! Oh my, Susanna is going to love the surprise!


    • I pick up fabric rests at thrift stores mainly – always have my eyes peeled for reds and greens. Odd shapes get cut into squares and rectangles. Sometimes find old (not stained!) Christmas napkins and dish towels!


  4. You are awesome! Bodaciously talented. *sigh* I love all crafts. But I’m the only who loves mine. *wink* Love these puppets. Might try my hand at it. Wish me luck. Thanks for following my blog, Julie. I have followed you via email and I will like your FB tomorrow. (I cannot get on for some reason) *waving*


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