Garden Woes

Peering out of a swollen face I am sad to report the donkey tail spurge, whose chartreuse blossoms have been a welcoming sign of spring growth in my garden, must take their leave. Could have been something else, but the burning sensation, the tenderness and half of my face puffed out, leads me to these parting words: bye, bye Euphorbia myrsinites!

I blame myself too. I cut the stems, whisked off the lower leaves and covered my hands in milky sap – all for an Easter table bouquet. (Don’t worry, I have already called the recipient to dispose of it carefully!) We shared a lovely holiday meal with friends in their garden under clear blue skies and gentle breeze, and topped the day with an annual viewing of ‘Easter Parade’ – before the swelling could prevent it!

7 thoughts on “Garden Woes

  1. Good morning Julie – so sorry to hear of the reaction and glad you will get rid of this . . . horribly invasive and toxic weed. They are purty though. Say, would you like that bit of manure??


  2. That’s quite a reaction, I hope you can manage to eat some chocolate eggs. I’ve never heard of that weed, I’ll look out for it now. Hope your face is okay soon.


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