The Easter Egg Artists

Perfect Picture Book Friday
Title: The Easter Egg Artists
Author/Illustrator: Adrienne Adams
Publisher/Year: Charles Scribner’s Sons, 1976
Age Level: 3-8
Genre: fiction, picture book
Themes/topics: Easter, artists, family, vacation
Opening and synopsis: “There are Abbotts and there are Abbotts. These Abbotts are rabbits. The rabbit Abbots make the designs on Easter eggs.”
Orson Rabbit’s parents, who paint Easter eggs, follow Orson on his amazing journey in search of his own artistic style.
I like this book because of the wonderful warm and intricate paintings by this author /illustrator, but also because of the wonderful Montessori-style lesson in ‘following the child’.
See Susanna Hill Leonard’s blog for the Perfect Picture Books List of reviews.

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