Big Little Brother: Perfect Picture Book Fridays

Title: Big Little Brother
Author: Kevin Kling
Illustrator: Chris Monroe
Publication Info: Borealis Press, 2011
Intended audience: 3-8
Genre: fiction, picture book (40 pages)
Themes/topics: sibling rivalry, daycare, bullies
Opening and synopsis: “It’s my own fault. I wanted a little brother. When I finally got one I had BIG plans. ‘And when you are older you will do whatever I tell you to do.'”
Being an older brother isn’t going as well as expected. Especially when his little brother grows to be…bigger! And he touches everything with his sticky hands! But a surprise can come in a bigger package when big little brother saves him from the clutches of a daycare bully.
What I have to add: Clever, amusing and sweet! Simple yet detailed illustrations add greatly to the quirky nature of the story.

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16 thoughts on “Big Little Brother: Perfect Picture Book Fridays

  1. This book sounds like so much fun — love books that deal with sibling rivalry. I’m laughing as I read your review. So many teachable moments in this book. The illustrations look lovely. Great choice for PPB.


  2. Oh boy! this so reminds me of my nephews….. The youngest is now as tall as his brother…. and there are four boys in all… But this book would fit in very well with them. Thanks for sharing this.


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