Minimal Effort or Permant Press

One comment leads to a follow-up post. Unnecessary? Possibly. But my weirdness is multifaceted, so I’m going with it!

As a little girl I wanted to learn to iron so badly! Once I could  see over the board Mom and Sis were willing teachers. Spoiler alert – the fascination didn’t last. Even during my brief stint in the fashion industry I did not become a fan. The final discouraging blow came when my mother-in-law was taken aback (gasp!) when she heard I was not ironing for my husband (future in-laws beware!). Lucky for us all (we had kids) my own mother is a genius at housework and efficiency, and taught me things about wrinkle-reduction that will leave your iron cold. And now I will share this wisdom with you:

  • Purchasing a shirt made from 100% cotton, look at the nature of its construction: wrinkle-ridden or a keeper?
  • Avoid full immersion when all that is necessary is spot washing.
  • Sort your piles correctly to avoid lint buildup and discoloration.
  • Forgot to check pockets for tissues? Use the dryer.
  • Stick around till the machine is done. Shake out each item immediately.
  • I hang wash out year round, and if hung well (hee hee) it will dry well.
  • Gravity is your friend: ex. trousers are folded with pleats and hung by the pant leg bottoms.
  • Freezing temperatures: a short stint in the dryer (20min.) pulls out enough wrinkles for me to hang them out.
  • No need to tell me, there are exceptions!

If I have assisted one person in some small way, I will know I wrote the right thing. By the way, I know that’s not my female self in the drawing, but like him I enjoy a cold one as much as a cold iron.

6 thoughts on “Minimal Effort or Permant Press

  1. Thanks for the extra tips, I do some of these already. Us writers are always on the lookout for cutting corners aren’t we? 😉


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