Perfect Picture Book Friday: NEVILLE


Title: Neville

Author: Norton Juster
Illustrator: Brian Karas
Publication Info: Schwartz & WadeBooks, 2011
Age: 4-8
Genre: fiction, picture book (32 pages)
Themes/topics: moving
Opening and synopsis: ””The big gray van pulled away from the curb, moved slowly down the street, and disappeared around the corner. Now it was quiet, and there he was, where he really didn’t want to be.”
Obviously Neville is not happy about the move and the new situation he finds himself in – having to make new friends. But with an ounce of spontaneous creativity born out of his woeful circumstances Neville, and the reader, are taken by complete surprise!
Why I like this book: Any story where  creativity leads us out of an unwanted situation, and puts us in a new frame of mind is something we all need to hear – again and again! Neville also reminds me of a few other curmudgeons I know and love! The illustrations are simple yet spot-on expressive and fun!
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19 thoughts on “Perfect Picture Book Friday: NEVILLE

  1. Cool process. I’ll have to check that one out as well. How’s your process going? Was going to coffee this morning but had a meeting that ran long. Maybe next week…


  2. Great, another book on moving. Really enjoyed the video and watching the illustrator — love to watch their style. If Norman Juster is over 80, that means we can be kids forever writing and playing in our sandbox. Love his work.


  3. Hi Julie,
    So nice to connect with you through Susanna’s PPBF. 🙂
    This sounds like a great book…I love picture books that help kids deal with the challenges they face in their daily life…moving to a new neighborhood, school, etc. is one of those BIG challenges.


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