Eek! Creativity unleashed in the classroom!

Once upon a time I taught art at a small private elementary school. The class room was essentially a large closet with no running water. So after messy lessons I would send a few kids at a time to wash their hands. On one occasion a child came back yelling about the strange red-eyed creature (was probably a boxelder bug) he’d seen in the bathroom.  As you can imagine, everyone else who went to wash hands came back with more gory details, including the girls. (Mind you there were two bathrooms, so this must have been quite the dexterous beast!)

I gave the chaotic hype a creative twist, and handed out blank paper for each child to illustrate what it was they had encountered, and further to present their pieces to the class, one by one. All hands got straight to work with vigor and focus! The screaming ceased but not the excitement! And we had a wonderful time viewing and listening to every ‘version’!

Unfortunately the directors did not share my enthusiasm. Our class was the last of the day and the excitement spilled over to the waiting parents as the bell rang. The children were so convincing that I was later reprimanded for my ‘wild idea’.

In my heart I hope a few might fondly remember what one can create from a spontaneous figment!

17 thoughts on “Eek! Creativity unleashed in the classroom!

    • Thanks Eric. I actually quit a few weeks before school ended that year. The directors cancelled our entry in the district art show because the work I did with the kids was not uniformly to their liking. AFTER I sorted, matted the work, and had the car loaded to set up our booth. I handed in my notice after I cooled off at home. offered to stay the last weeks and they thought it best I just leave, no chance to say goodbye to the kids. *hands in the air, question mark on the forehead*


  1. So you were reprimanded for being creative in an art class. I am shaking my fist in protest! (smile) I hope you become part of an environment that applauds this type spontaneity! We’re losing that and it’s a shame! Much success to you!


  2. I totally love what you did, and I can just see their excitement and focus! Would that every class was like your art class – and that no laptops were present to distract!


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